Electro-Hill Oy is a Electronics Manufactruing Services specialist (EMS) founded in 1990

Electro-Hill Oy is a Electronics Manufacturing Services Specialist (EMS), founded in 1990. We specialize in managing the entire production process, from design to production and delivery finished products to the end customer. Our products are delivered to customers all over the world. The company’s HQ is located in Espoo, Finland and our manufacturing facilities in Rakvere, Estonia. We have customers in many different industry sectors but we specilize in products designed for demanding envrionments such as maritime, military and outdoors.

Why partner with Electro-Hill Oy?

Electro-Hill Oy invests in cost-efficiency, long term customer relationships and high quality.


Working with speciality products requires continuous staff training and systematic quality control, monitoring and certification.

Cost efficiency

Specialization requires a continuous investment. We manufacture products into a buffer, providing shorter delivery times since products are always in stock.

Managing the whole production chain

If needed, our operations can cover everything from design to production and delivery to the end customer.

Continuous development

Co-operating with our clients from demanding industry sectors provides us with a constant challenge and keeps us competitive.


Flexibility and precision even for the most challenging jobs

Electro-Hill Oy manufactures electronics for challenging conditions, such as on-the-road use, maritime use and the military and security sector. Different industries and telematics are also included in our customer base. We will manufacture even smaller batches cost efficiently. Our versatile experience in manufacturing highly specialized electronics products keeps us flexible and on top of the latest developments in the Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) industry. We also have an outstanding security of supply, which makes us experts in just-in-time deliveries.

Worldwide deliveries

Our products are delivered worldwide. For many of our clients it is therefore also easier let us also take care of delivery to the end customer.