Testimonial: Sabik Marine (SPX)

Cooperation between Börje Nordström and Electro-Hill Oy started over 18 years ago, even before he went to work for Sabik.

Börje Nordström is production manager for Sabik Marine. Cooperation between him and Electro-Hill Oy began already before his post at Sabik, at which he started over 18 years ago.
Sabik Marine manufactures maritime products, such as buoy lights, lanterns, lighthouses and in their terms “anything blinking at Finnish borders”. The company employs over 30 people and operates across seven countries.

Electro-Hill Oy has been an easy partner to grow with

Nordström recounts how Sabik and Electro-Hill Oy cooperate in many ways. Sabik purchases clean electronics and partial assemblies from Electro-Hill Oy. Some products are also shipped directly to end-customers from Electro-Hill Oy’s factory.

Not just a contractor but a business partner

The cooperation is extensive and the two companies go back a long way. Nordström states that the relationship is in fact no longer just about subcontracting, but has grown into a full-fledged partnership:
I have been satisfied with the service, which is why we’ve cooperated for a long time. It’s not just subcontracting anymore, but more of a partnership.
Nordström thinks Electro-Hill Oy is a reliable partner that is easy to work with. Our reliability of deliveries also receive praise.
They’re a trustworthy partner. Logistics are handled well. Their delivery comes around weekly and they have been easy to grow alongside with.
Most importantly, Electro-Hill Oy has been a partner that Sabik has found easy to develop alongside with. Our comprehensive services have also helped matters.
They provide much more than just circuit boards. Expanding our business simultaneously with theirs has been easy. 

Sabik Marine operates in seven countries

Currently, Sabik Marine’s turnover is over 20 million euros. Their operations in Finland are mostly centered around Porvoo, but they also conduct business in Estonia, The UK, USA, Asia and Australia.

Sabik Marine is a part of the SPX concern.

Börje Nordström
Sabik Marine / SPX
Production Manager