Testimonials: Semel Oy

Semel Oy’s operative manager Lauri Remes and his company have used Electro-Hill Oy’s services for over 15 years.

Semel Oy is a mobile systems supplier founded in 1971. They specialize in mobile systems for payments, measuring and data collection. Semel Oy’s customers work in challenging conditions that require systems that are up and running 24/7.

For instance, over 7000 taxis across the Nordic countries rely on Semel’s payment systems.

Electro-Hill Oy: a partner for a long term cooperation

According to Semel Oy’s operative manager Lauri Remes, the company started cooperation with the electronics contract manufacturer Electro-Hill Oy 15 years ago. The decision was driven by a desire to focus on their core business:

  • ”Our own electronics production was outsourced, because production no longer fit into our business model. Nowadays we focus more on IT service operations.”.

Electro-Hill Oy proved to be just the solution for us.

  • “We were lucky to get a supplier that was just right for us. Electro-Hill Oy’s sales, managers and even their technical crew are very responsible. They deliver what they promise and they do it on time.

Remes thinks Electro-Hill Oy does solid work overall. Semel Oy’s products require various certifications, which calls for plenty of audits in the production end of things.
Remes also comments how besides quality, an important part of co-operation is to have a supplier with stable future prospects, free of financial or other risks.

Continuous development as a part of Electro-Hill Oy’s operations

Remes comments how Electro-Hill Oy’s operations exhibit a constant development of operations. Effort put in to earn environmental certifications is just one example of this.


According to Remes, Electro-Hill Oy’s quality is at high and its electronic documentation functions well. Both companies use their own electronic documentation. Required changes are made through change management.

Reliability of delivery

Remes also considers reliability of delivery to be an important asset. Electro-Hill Oy’s deliveries have always been punctual and reliable. Cooperation with a reliable partner saves a lot of time.

Lauri Remes,
Operative Manager at Semel Oy
and a customer for 15 years