Electro-Hill Oy offers flexible electronics contract manufacturing services (EMS). We carry out all stages of production as needed.


We specialize in managing the entire supply chain and we also manufacture small and medium-sized batches as required by the customer.

Material acquisition


SMT assembly lines (Surface Mount Technology)
Circuit board assembly

Joint soldering

Reflow, wave and selective soldering


Versatile testing and inspection
equipment (e.g. x-ray)


Product buffering
Customer deliveries

Industry-leading Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS)


Our services consist of design, materials acquisition and production in our modern facilites, as well as careful testing and logistics solutions.


Experienced and fully trained staff

Electro-Hill Oy’s electronics production uses the latest manufacturing methods to guarantee high process quality even with smaller batches.
Our electronics productions projects are carried out cost-efficiently in close cooperation between the client and our team of designers. All stages of production also take into account any special customer requirements.

All our staff is experienced and fully qualified in their field.

Electromechanical assembly


Electro-Hill Oy’s capable staff is happy to take care of assembling our customers’ end products.

Besides machine assembly and mechanical work, we also handle manual stages of work, such as manual assembly, manual soldering, packaging and various speciality assemblies.


Why order your final assembly from us?

The assembly stage is an important step in a product’s delivery chain. It matters where and how it’s done. Electro-Hill Oy has both know-how and the optimal premises for assembling our products. By ordering the assembly from us, you can save your own employees’ time and optimize the production process.

After the assembly, the finished and tested product is delivered to customer.

Manual assembly and soldering

The electronics industry still has need for manual work. Circuit boards can also be manufactured using manual assembly or soldering according to customer needs.

Other customer-specific assemblies

We also handle other assemblies, small devices and challenging electronics system entities, as well as cabling work with years of experience.

Material purchasing and logistics


Customers benefit from our material purchasing and logistics services in many ways. Short delivery times and high quality can be achieved simultaneously only by anticipating and eliminating unnecessary stages in the delivery chain. The key words are anticipation, buffering and delivery.

Besides savings in inventory costs, materials stored in advance at the factory (in a so-called forwarding warehouse) enables a faster delivery cycle, which has brought us widespread acclaim.

We anticipate

by stocking materials beforehand and by keeping semi- finished products and parts in stock.

We buffer

for the products the customer needs by manufacturing them in advance in order to have them ready for delivery when needed.

We deliver

products directly to our customers all over the world, just-in-time and without unnecessary warehousing at the customer’s premises.

Our purchasing services are worth using

We also conduct other materials acquisitions for electronics production when needed. Our purchasing services are well worth using. We have solid, long-standing relations with materials suppliers in the electronics manufacturing field, guaranteeing smooth production and continuous deliveries.

Additionally, our efficient procurement practices help adhering to just-in-time delivery schedules.