Electro-Hill and his production process is dedicated to preserving environment and using environmental friendly solutions in production.

Electro-Hill environmental policy is based on producing and offering products and services in environmental friendly manner and with minimum impact to the environment. We are following that our partners are environmentally aware and we are accepting their environmental principles.

We are implementing environmental friendly principles and following that they are put in use. Improvement of those principles is done by controlled processes and auditing of those processes.

To achieve this kind of environmental management system involves whole personnel, where every single employee is responsible and helps to optimize environmental impact.

Principles of environmental management system:

> Minimize environmental influence from production process

> Identify environmental risks in production and in offered services

> Improve efficiency of production processes and use efficiently raw materials to minimize waste

> Plan new projects so that environmental impact is minimal

> Improve environmental knowledge of employees in their working places

> Ensure that ISO14001:2015 standard demands are fullfilled

> Minimize impact of products and services to environment in the future outside of the company.

> Using of environmental friendly suppliers

> Using materials that are easier to recycle and are more environmental friendly

> Monitor and follow all legislation normatives and guidelines to minimize environmental impact


H.Rinne – CEO